Taking Giant Steps:

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Strategic Plan

Higher education conveys the promise of transformative experience, enhancing the quality of life for the individual student and enriching society through the contributions gained from an educated populace. The pathways that higher education institutions have traditionally taken to provide these transformational experiences, though, should no longer be taken for granted. With this new strategic plan, we stand poised to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a new era; we stand ready to develop and adopt best practices; and we stand ready to become an exemplar of the 21st century research university. We stand ready to take Giant Steps.

Core Elements

Our plan for taking Giant Steps is anchored by Transformation, and focused on three cross-disciplinary themes.

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Goals and Initiatives

The pathway toward Giant Steps lies at the intersection of the areas of transformation and the three thematic areas of focus.

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Faculty Seed Grants

Faculty are taking Giant Steps through innovations in teaching and research.

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