Taking Giant Steps:

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Strategic Plan

Below are several key factors that will serve as the foundation for our future.

Talent Management

Our people are our greatest asset. Getting the right people into the right places and supporting their development are critical to our success.

Infrastructure, Technology, and Tools

The quality of our physical facilities, technological capacity, and information resources are critical in our quest to achieve our goals. Ensuring that faculty, staff, and students have the tools they need to move forward is a priority.

Climate and Culture

Climate and culture are the glue that binds the University together. Cultivating an open, inclusive, and civil climate where intellectual rigor is valued is essential to our success

Fiscal Resources

The financial health of the university is key to sustaining our mission. Careful stewardship of a diverse portfolio of financial resources will pave solid paths forward.

As an example, we are currently engaged in a multi-year project to transform our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system so that students, faculty, and staff have improved access to information, business processes are more streamlined, and our daily work flow is more efficient and effective. This system touches functions critical to our mission, including student applications, registration, and course scheduling; financial aid; payroll; and human resources.