Taking Giant Steps:

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Strategic Plan

UNC Greensboro Key Performance Indicators

Assessing progress toward actualization of the goals set forth in the strategic plan is an iterative process, predicated on a strong orientation toward data-informed decision-making and sustained and coordinated data collection and analysis.  UNCG tracks a variety of indicators to determine the efficiency and effectiveness with which we meet our mission.  A subset of these indicators will be used to track the University’s global progress toward Taking Giant Steps.  The Office of Institutional Research, in collaboration with other offices on campus, stewards these data.

In addition to tracking global indicators, the progression of local initiatives also is assessed on an ongoing basis.  This assessment is both formative – providing a continuous feedback loop – and summative in nature.  The totality of the outcomes of these initiatives contributes to the overall progress of the University.  This process is led by the Office of Assessment and Accreditation as part of UNCG’s institutional effectiveness process.