Taking Giant Steps:

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Strategic Plan

Our plan for taking Giant Steps is anchored by Transformation – Student Transformation, Knowledge Transformation, and Regional Transformation. To further focus our efforts around historical and emerging strengths, the framework identifies three cross-cutting, cross-disciplinary thematic areas of focus – Health and Wellness, Vibrant Communities, and Global Connections.

Areas of Transformation

Transformation is conceived of as a pervasive and enduring process driving the University forward.Transformation is at the heart of higher education.

  • Student Transformation

    Student transformation occurs when students acquire knowledge and develop skills and habits of mind necessary to be life-long learners, informed and engaged members of society, and successful in life and work.

  • Knowledge Transformation

    Knowledge transformation occurs when understanding is enhanced through research, creative activity, critical analysis, and translation of research to practice.

  • Regional Transformation

    Regional transformation occurs when local economies are strong and well-aligned with current and future needs, and when equitable access is provided to a reasonable standard of living and quality of life for all.

Areas of Focus

The following three themes represent current and emerging strengths, each cross-disciplinary in nature. These areas will serve as focal points to foster transformation of students, knowledge, and our region.

  • Health and Wellness

    Health and Wellness is broadly defined to encompass the many dimensions necessary for individuals to cope, adapt, grow, and develop. This theme encompasses predictors and indicators of the state of the human condition, and scientific advances related to Health and Wellness.

  • Vibrant Communities

    Vibrant Communities are those with a high quality of life for all members, characterized by opportunities for cultural enrichment, equitable access to high quality education and social support services, a just standard of living, and a flourishing economy.

  • Global Connections

    Individuals, organizations, and geographic and civic entities from around the world connect with each other in many ways, influenced by the history, language, tradition, religion, creative expression, economics, ethics, and political mores found in globally diverse cultures.